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About Us

Yuanheng Machine, started production since 1990s, is a leading manufacturer, marketer and supplier of equipments suited for:

• Fuel Transfer and Measurement (FUEL)

• Lubricant Transfer and Measuring (OIL)

• Pumps, PTO (Power Take Off) and Compressors for Agriculture (Ag)

• DEF Dispensing and Metering Systems

Yuanheng’s consistent growth in global markets is the result of

our commitment to values and operating standards that ensure:

• Dependable, easy-to-use products

• Innovative solutions achieving high performance, long life and low cost

• Attention to market demands and requirements

• Efficiency through our streamlined organization

• Integrity in relationships and a focus on customer needs

Yuanheng controls its design and production processes through its certified Quality System including:

• The latest production equipment

• Efficient and well-supplied warehouse

• Advanced organizational system for managing company activities

• A dedicated team of qualified and trained personnel

Our Promise:

• Our high-quality products are designed, engineered and tested to exacting standards before being introduced to the market.

• Products built by YUANHENG MACHINE are 100% functionally tested to ensure years of dependable service.

• Not only are we offering high quality products, we also provide depth information about how to use our products effectively.

• YUANHENG MACHINE will strive to be the premium equipment supplier to the Petroleum and Lubrication industries.