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Bulk PD Flow Meters
PD Fuel Meter
PD Fuel Meter
PD Fuel Meter
PD Fuel Meter

PD Fuel Meter

Accuracy of +/-0.2%

1.  Positive Displacement Fuel Flow Meter
2.  High accuracy of +/-0.2%
3.  Size options of 2", 3", 4", 6"
4.  Body material: Aluminum
Product Description

• Robust Positive Displacement mechanical design

• Low pressure loss, long service life

• Calibrator adjustable to 0.2% custody accuracy

• Design: three (3) rotors

• No metal-to-metal contact within the measuring chamber;

• Light and compact design;

• Max pressure 10 bar (LPG 19 bar)

• Max temperature 80°C

• Sizes range from 40mm to 150mm

• Wide range of accessories inc. valves, air elimination & counters, Setstop counter, ticket printer, pulse output

• Materials: aluminium, S/S body, Viton seal, Veeder-root register in gallons and litres


Code            YHPD40                    YHPD50                 YHPD80                   YHPD100                    YHPD150 
Size              40mm/1.5"                50mm/2"                80mm/3"                 100mm/4"                  150mm/6"
Flow Range     25-250LPM           55-550LPM               115-1150LPM           170-1700LPM            300-3000LPM
Volume per rev   0.309L                 0.681L                   1.839L                      5.102L                       9.507L
Max Pressure                                                            10Bar/150PSI
Accuracy:                                                                 +/-0.2%
Repeatability                                                             0.05%
Measurement                                                     Litre/Gallon



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