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Functional Diesel Dispensers
Diesel Fuel Dispenser
Diesel Fuel Dispenser
Diesel Fuel Dispenser
Diesel Fuel Dispenser

Diesel Fuel Dispenser

DC12V, DC24V, AC110V, AC220V

1.  Flow Rate: 40-45LPM
2.  Accuracy: +/-0.2%
3.  Unit Price Setting Range: 0-999.99
4.  365 daily & 12 monthly fueling data record
Product Description


YUANHENG 12V, 24V 220V  Mobile Fuel Dispenser adopts advanced computer technology, security and dedicated control processor, with high accuracy flow meter. It has advantages of high accuracy, abundant function, high reliability, easily to operate and maintenance.


Flow Range: 20-80L/min

Min Tested Flow Rate: 5L

Accuracy: The max error of dispenser volume is less than ±0.20%, its repeatability error is less than 0.15%.

Noise Standard: ≤80dB(A Class)

Unit Price Range: 0.01-999.99

Volume Range: 0.01-999999.99

Amount Range: 0.01-9999999999.99

Environment condition1)Humidity:-30℃~+45℃

                                            2)Relative humidity:≤95%

The max working pressure: ≤0.3MPa

Memory capacity : ≥128kB

Power: DC12V, DC24V, AC220V, AC380V

Communication Protocol: RS485



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